Hello, Dear Readers!

Ken Mueller, our friend, occasional patron, and often brunt-of-old-man-jokes, suggested we put up another BtS post about those photos on the wall behind our intrepid java-jonesin’ Elle. Well, how could I turn down such a request? (Quite easily, I realize, but I shan’t.)

First off, a closeup of the bulletin board itself, with the photos in question.
Photos at Square One

In there, we have:
Nean "Jasmine" BurkholderMy delightfuly picturesque wife, Nean Burkholder, the inspiration for our snarky barista, Jasmine.

Chad "John the Stutterer" DillerA photo of a younger Chad “John the Stutterer” Diller, as featured in last week’s strip.

Jeremy and JamieMy partner-in-crime, Jeremy, and his (Jeremy’s superlative adjectives here) wife, Jamie, on a trip to Boston.

Jeremy and his sibsJeremy again, albeit significantly younger, with his brother and sister during a trip to Niagara Falls. I believe Child Protective Services were called in immediately after this photo was taken.

Nora tells it like it isAnd finally, a shot of Jeremy and Jamie’s daughter, as a baby, telling the world (and the photographer) just what she thinks of everything.