Jeff: Hey, everyone! Yes, we know it’s another week where we don’t have a finished comic yet. Instead, we wanted to let you all in on what’s coming up with the Ouro Bros in the future.

We’re just two comics away from our “season finale”, after which we’re going to go on a bit of an extended hiatus. Please rest assured, though, that we WILL be back! I am already hip-deep in writing out our next season, which will not only take the band to places they’ve never been before, but also take you – our readers – back to past events that have only been hinted at thus far. It’s exciting, but it’s also a bit scary for us, because it does mean we’ll be leaving behind our post-every-Thursday philosophy that we’ve been trying to hold onto since the strip’s inception. The plan is for us to first put together 24 pages of some of the tightest-written material that we’ve yet created, and then once we have it all down, post 3 pages a week for roughly 2 months. Then we’ll probably go on another break while we work up the next chapter.

Why are we doing this? There are quite a few reasons, including time crunches and lifestyle adjustments, but mostly it comes down to us wanting to not only produce the best possible content we can, but also to provide it for you in a method that makes it much more conducive to reading and following. And as we’re closing the book on our longest-running single storyline at the moment, we want the next one to be lean, mean, and sparklin’ with sheen!

So, stay tuned! This season is ending with a bang!