The Beginning

Stan and Bal Ouro set out on the road to fulfill both their dreams and their mother's parting wish: To tour the country and play music. They also run into a particularly snarky bass player and singer from another band.
May 27, 20101: Rehab Already?
Jun 03, 20102: I Spy…
Jun 10, 20103: Crickets…
Jun 24, 20105: Bosom Bros
Jul 08, 20107: Balthazar Ouro

Lost in Utah

An unexpected detour leaves the Bros in the Middle of Nowhere, Utah, where they encounter an eccentric social media guru.

It's a JEEPS Thing

Say goodbye to the road atlas, as the Bros buy a GPS.

Back on Track

The Bros are back on the road, and run back into Elle and her band.

Road Trip!

Elle, having been dumped by her band, joins the Bros on the drive to their next mutual show.

The Java Imperative

After an all-night drive to Lancaster, PA, someone needs coffee.


Elle helps the Bros find a sense of style.
Apr 07, 201146: Priorities
Apr 14, 201147
Apr 21, 201148: Arschgeweih
Apr 28, 201149: Plans
May 23, 201153: Black Gold
May 25, 201155: Stop.
May 26, 201156: Make-Up!!
May 27, 201157: FASHION'D!

On With the Show

Unexpected alliances are formed, broken, and re-formed as both the Bros and Elle's Belles play the Chameleon Club.
Jun 09, 201159: Hence
Jun 16, 201160: Wet Bottom
Jun 30, 201162: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
Jul 14, 201164: Cyclops
Jul 21, 201165: …Merch?
Jul 28, 201166: Almost Famous
Aug 04, 201167: Bottomed Out
Aug 11, 201168: So There
Aug 18, 201169: Moving On
Aug 25, 201170: Coda

Day to Day

The Bros are back on the road, mostly just looking for a comfy place to sleep.
Sep 01, 201171: King Sized
Sep 08, 201172: Amped Up
Sep 22, 201174: Electric Sheep
Sep 29, 201175: Tune-Up
Oct 06, 201176: Chester
Oct 20, 201178: Square Wave
Oct 27, 201179: Filed Away


Chester, a geeky (and extremely large) keytar player, eagerly signs up with the band as they begin to make a name for themselves.

Welcome to Kilgore

The Bros (and Chester!) give a concert to their fan(s) in Texas, as they make new friends - and rediscover an old one.

Sound and Fury

What's been up with Elle? Aside from her blood pressure…?


The band attempts to navigate the perils of a packed and uncoordinated schedule.
Jul 26, 2012118: Table Talk
Aug 09, 2012120: Name Game
Aug 16, 2012121: Shut-Eye
Sep 13, 2012125: The Keymaster
Sep 20, 2012126: Broken Record
Sep 27, 2012127: Lucky

Out of Touch

The band is rescued by some Extra Special Guests.
Oct 04, 2012128: The Last Drop
Oct 11, 2012129: Speechless
Oct 18, 2012130: Zoinks!
Nov 01, 2012132: No Sweat
Nov 08, 2012133: Shredded
Nov 22, 2012135: Aloha Oe

Rockin' Down the Highway

Everyone gets some rest (but perhaps not much sleep) during the long drive to Seattle.

Raiders of the Van Parts

The van needs to be fixed, but getting the parts from a nearby scrapyard proves to be a series of adventures.

By Any Other Name

The band is more than just the Ouro Bros, leaving Chester - but mostly Elle - to wonder if their name shouldn't reflect that.

Running the Band

An unexpected encounter just might be the big break that the newly-christened Lake of Serpents is looking for.

Turn Signal

The band begins to head in a different direction, and not everyone agrees with that.