Jeremy: This particular strip went through a couple permutations before this result was achieved.  I was really experimenting and trying to expand my digital skills to new kinds of “media” (read: watercolors), but I don’t think that my Photoshop painting skills are quite up to par for that just yet.  I won’t tell you what the original idea would have looked like, but suffice it to say I hit a little bit of a brick wall and decided to stop for the night.

Five minutes later, while just settling down to read a book in bed, I came up with the idea you see before you.  I got up, went back to the computer, and started brand new.  I am really pleased with what I came up with.  I managed to stick to my current digital style, and do a new presentation of this strip that we hadn’t envisioned for it.

Jeff: I love the idea of Bal being the song-leader, since we’ve seen both Stan and Elle sing for their respective bands, but Bal’s just in the back, slamming around on the drums. Maybe he’s secretly a Don Henley or Phil Collins-type, where he can both sing and play drums simultaneously! …Yeah, maybe not. I get the feeling that after this roadtrip, Stan and Elle will do everything they can to make sure Bal doesn’t get another opportunity to sing for, like, ever.

Jeremy: You see, I kinda get the feeling that Bal’s singing voice is quite good, but much like a deliciously rich dessert, one can only have so much before the filling point is reached.  Yeah, that’s what I think…