Jeremy: The Bros (and Elle) have finally made it to Lancaster, PA.  Get ready for a lot of familiar settings, fellow Lancastrians! Settings all thanks to photographic adventures I undertook to prepare for this storyline, to use as art reference. And yes, I have a feeling our characters are going to stay for a little while. What on Earth are they going to do in town if their show still isn’t for another day…?

Jeff: Ooh, I know! I know! Dutch Wonderland! No, how about shopping at the outlets?! Oh, even better, how about a…long storyline that takes place in Lancaster city!!


Jeremy: Just wanted to add for our non-Lancaster readers, that our storyline won’t be dependent on settings with which you may be unfamiliar.  We just wanted to be able to highlight some of the town in the background (and throw a couple extra Easter eggs in for our Lancaster readers).  Hope everyone enjoys the little story we have planned! 🙂