Jeff: It’s been a while, but it’s finally time to add another real-life person to the ranks of those who’ve been Ouro-ized! (…and I really am not sure how that would be pronounced…) We’d like to thank Todd McElmurry for his regular support of our little comic-that-could…by having him appear as a completely ineffectual fan club president. Way to go, Todd!

Jeremy: Yes! Todd McElmurry has been a regular reader, Re-Tweeter, and general spread-the-worder of our comic since practically day one. For a long time, we have been wanting to find a way to Ouro-ize him, and we finally thought up a storyline that gives Todd’s character more than just a quick cameo. Hopefully Todd likes “Mick L. Murphy”! Thank you, Todd, for being a such an awesome (and now literal) part of the Ouro Bros and the Neverending Tour, and thank you to everyone else that has stuck with us for what is now 100+ strips!