Jeremy: Welcome to Chalupa Hut. You may remember its introduction into the Ouro Universe in this strip, and then again in this strip. We like to think of it as a cross between Taco Bell and Chuck E. Cheese (“Lite”). I have to thank Jeff for allowing some childish humor into the strip by letting me highlight the word “balls” in more than just the visual of the ball pit. You can also thank Jeff for deciding exactly from where the balls hail.

Jefe: Sit down, hijos, and I will tell you a story. More than a story, a legend. A legend that began far in the south, where the world ends — in the land known as Oaxaca. You see, the land got its name from the guaje trees that grow there. These trees, in the spring, have a flower that looks like a delicate, white ball. And so, my young friends, the owners of the restaurante fabuloso “Chalupa Hut” took out a trademark on the Balls of Oaxaca. And those balls, they are what you find yourself standing in today.

Ah, yes. That and la orina de los niños.