Jeremy: Another Kickstarter reward fits very nicely into our current storyline! Those of you who backed, or checked out, our campaign likely saw the “Gimme a Beat” reward, where Bal names each drum in his kit after a backer at that level. The idea was that the kick drum, snare, and floor tom would each have a different name that would be revealed in the comic’s story. By campaign’s end, we got just one backer at that level, so Bill Goerlich had the honor of having the entire kit named after him! I’d say it worked out rather nicely. Bill and Bal – what a drumming dynamic duo!

Jeff: A little of an almost-flashback for Bal, as he thinks about his mom. I like giving you, Dear Readers, little touches of the OBs’ past. Without telling you too much, of course! We also thought it might be a nifty idea to show a little bit of the band’s set-up, since drums usually take the longest. Stan and Elle would have to tune up, but that’s no big deal. And Chester just needs an amp, and he can be rocking out in a second!