Jeff: And so we’ve come to the end of this chapter, which started back here at the end of June. Oh, and just so you know, that last row of panels should be seen as like a post-credits sequence on a Marvel Cinematic Universe™ movie. Anyone recognize that woman in panel 8 and recall where we’ve seen her before? 😉

Jeremy: Some of you may not know this, but since we broke into the new page storytelling format, we also made a decision to try to write the Ouro Bros story in 24-page chapters. Today marks the 24th comic in Chapter 1 of the new volume of Ouro Bros, which we started after the Kickstarter. Personally, I think the experiment was a success, as it allowed us to try to rein in the comic a little bit by letting it flow in chapters, rather than random increments. From here on out, I think you can expect us to tell a new chapter of the story in 24 consecutive weeks.

For the remaining two weeks of 2013, we are going to have sort of an intermission, where we present two weeks of non-canon Ouro Bros comics, and then starting on the first Thursday of 2014, we will begin our next chapter, and continue the story that will most likely involve these two latest mysterious characters you see in the final 3 panels of today’s comic.  Next week, be sure to come back on not only Thursday, but Friday as well, as we present two pages of Ouro Bros comics written and drawn by our good friend, and destroyer of all cartoonists, Brandon Carr. Brandon did a great little side story that branched off from a very early Ouro Bros strip. Check back next Thursday for more on this phenomenon (those of you who already have our book have a leg up on this one). Speaking of which, we do have print books for sale for those of you that are recently joining us, as well as those of you that didn’t get a chance to pledge to our Kickstarter, or buy books at SPX. We can’t guarantee you will get them by Christmas if you order this week, but they sure do make a great gift for those cold, latter days of winter! Okay, time to stop. Bentley Out.