Jeff: Ever since Jeremy and I did our first expo last year, I’ve wanted to play with that idea a bit in the Ouro-verse, so this is gonna be our chance. The Ouros are coming to Metronomicon! …Which really has a lot less to do with the Necronomicon than one might initially suspect.

Jeremy: After doing Small Press Expo¬†together last year, it seemed pretty logical to use our experience there and translate it instead to a music festival for the comic. I have been to a few music conferences, which have industry panels, etc., and various stages all around town in local venues and bars that are part of the roster of said conferences (and many times just way too spread out to keep anyone’s focus), but I like the idea of having all of it happen in once place – focusing it in a completely opened up series of otherwise wall-connected hotel ballroom spaces, and cramming it all into a day-long event. This is Metronomicon. My ideal kind of music day fest. Thanks to SPX for the inspiration!

And speaking of SPX, we have worked out a table sharing situation with some comic friends, so you can expect us to be there this September at SPX 2014. Woooooo!