Jeff: Lessee… What would wake you up faster: 100% Colombian-esque decaf or bleeding guitar solos? I think I know what Stan chooses.

Jeremy: I have been hand lettering for a little while now for sound effects, and it has all been pretty free-handed (i.e. no line guides or measured templates for spacing/kerning/etc). It’s kind of fun to just do something quick and dirty and make minor adjustments if the letter spacing doesn’t look quite right to the naked eye. I have a friend who is really taking hand lettering very seriously, and as a result, is producing killer results with all his practice. He takes the time to set up guides and really does lettering right. Someday I might head down that path, but for now, the off-the-cuff freehand is working out fine for me. Plus it’s fun to kind of roll the dice, and hope the end result works. I think it did for this comic.