Jeremy: Our comic page today has a special guest, and he bears a striking resemblance to someone in the comic Little Guardians, by the excellent team of Lee Cherolis and Ed Cho. “Moose” shares very similar fan-boy tendencies to his Little Guardians inspiration Elk. We thought he would fit quite well into our story as a store manager (or assistant to the store manager) for Ultimate Ukuleles, so here he is!

Additionally, I want to take a moment to congratulate Lee and Ed on reaching their color comics funding goal, via their comic’s Patreon page. They have published Black and White comics to the web since the very first Little Guardians comic page, but now thanks to generous monthly patrons, they now have the funding to go back and color all their comics! I am so psyched for them, and recommend not only reading Little Guardians, but throwing a few bucks at them as well!