Jeff: Okay, a little change of pace for all of you, here. Jeremy’s been crazy-overworked of late, and has been unable to find the time to draw our most recent comic. That being the case – and since we’re already a week behind on posts – I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the process of how we create a comic for The Ouro Bros. Over the next couple of weeks, watch this space to see this particular strip take form.

First, though, our strips start out as a Google Doc. I write out the action and dialog as you see above, panel-by-panel. A couple of notes:

  • “LoS-ers”: Not long after we came up with the “Lake of Serpents” moniker, I realized that I could either keep calling them “the gang” or “the OBs and friends”, or I could use our band name’s acronym to its obvious advantage.
  • “OS”: This stands for “Off Screen”. I tend to write things as if I’m watching them on TV or in a movie. Occasionally, I’ll refer to the “camera” panning along or zooming into the action.
  • “Layout: 2X3”: If we have a chance to do something wild and crazy with the overall layout, I’ll mention it here. This time around, we’re doing a fairly standard 2 rows, 3 panels each format.

Anyway, feel free to ask us anything in the comments below. I’d never want to see sausage being made, but hopefully seeing this comic come together will be interesting to all of you!