Jeff: And we’re back! …Sort of!

Jeremy: So, I’m going to give Inktober a shot this year, which means if all goes according to plan, I will post one inked drawing for each day of the month of October (for more info on Inktober, check this out). And I figured I would give it an Ouro Bros. theme. The word prompt for October 1st of Inktober is “Swift”, so what you see above is an interpretation of Elle pulling a Taylor (Swift). Besides the fact that she is dressed totally differently, you may also notice that she looks different, as well. It has been a LONG time since we’ve posted any Ouro Bros. material, and I figured Inktober would be a good way to get me in the practice of drawing (and inking) again. This month you will see me trying out new interpretations of the characters, which may lead to a new look for any future OB comics down the road. So… here goes!

For anyone who is interested, I marked off a 6″ x 6″ square area in a small spiral bound sketchbook (where I plan on collecting all my Inktober 2017 drawings), sketched in pencil, and then inked with a Sharpie Pen and a Pentel Pocket Brush pen (the border I drew with a standard Sharpie).