Jeremy says: How about a little Disney/beefcake mash-up here for Chester? In the picture he isn’t technically under the water, but you can look at it as a sort of water sandwich, if you will (i.e. he just came up from being underwater, and he’s moments away from having those crashing waves cover him with the salty H2O).

I branched out ever so slightly in trying to use black lines in different ways to differentiate artistic elements. I shaded the rocks with some straight, parallel lines, added some dots for texture (Also in the rocks), used water bubbles in the background to add a bit more to the water texture, and then used some heavier lines and a few little spot blacks here and there for Chester.

If any of you other ink aficionados would like to offer me some tips and critique, I would welcome it. Please comment below, thanks!

Jeff says: Darlin’, it’s better down where it’s wetter!