Jeremy says: This is my tribute to guest artist Chris Williams, who did the art on a series of Ouro Bros. strips while we were welcoming newborn Greta into our family (and I took some time off from art duties on the comic). I always LOVED the way he portrayed Stan freaking out after his guitar was Shattered (Inktober 2017 prompt for today), in this Ouro Bros. strip right here, so I figured today’s Inktober prompt was the perfect reason to do an homage to that beloved panel. After my being disappointed by my “loose” inking performance yesterday on ChesterHulk, I figured it was time to do some research, so I watched an informative video on inking earlier today, and was inspired to try out some brush feathering with my Pentel Brush Pen. I am definitely more pleased with my shading today as a result, and hope to only get better as days continue. Thanks for checking out the post today!

Jeff says: I love this panel. Good work, buddy!