Jeremy says: This is a bit of a callback to yesterday being Friday the 13th, in October. The symbolism of the month, as well as the superstition of the day made me think of a particularly famous black cat to the Bentley household – Jiji, from Kiki’s Delivery Service (if you aren’t familiar, look it up!). In keeping with the Ouro Bros. theme, I thought it would be fun to put Kiki in a familiar Elle garb (a little of the old, mixed with a little of the way I have been drawing her this month).

I didn’t want to vary too much in line weight, since the anime/Studio Ghibli style uses thin lines for pretty much all details, but I did use my Pentel Pocket Brush to fill in the larger black areas and to paint the kanji for today’s Inktober word prompt: Fierce. Sticking with a thin line weight was actually quite a challenge, and my application of it did not result in lines as smooth as they should be. This is probably because I draw lines SLLLLOOOOWWWWWLY, when I should really be learning to draw by pivoting my elbow and using quicker strokes, rather than using my wrist and being much more deliberate. What can I say, I have plenty of room for improvement as an artist. I am thankful that Inktober is allowing me to notice my shortcomings, and giving me reasons to get better.