Jeff says: That’s right, Chester. All those chalupas will go right to your hips. And waist. And sizable, sizable gut.

Jeremy says: I’ve heard it said that when one who works out all the time and gets sick muscles STOPS working out, that the muscles turn into fat relatively quickly (I can’t confirm, as I don’t have sick muscles – more like sickly muscles). I suppose when your days consist of traveling from one town to the next with just enough time to play a show, sleep, and then travel again, there isn’t much time to hit the gym, hence this “What If?” scenario with our musclebound keytarist, Chester Underbranch.

Continuing to try out different styles of character drawing for Inktober 2017. This one is pretty simplified for Chester (simple ink work, too – don’t know about the diagonally shaded nipples, though). It is my hope that by the end of the month, I will have locked in some new simplified styles for our characters (or the beginnings of them), to aid in the scenario of eventually producing comics again for Ouro Bros. It is also my hope that I will have created a stand-alone black and white style as well, to speed up production, and Inktober is definitely helping me with that. It’s good to be drawing again, and I can’t believe I have made it over the hump (today is day 16 of 32) for Inktober production!