Just wanted to say a big “thank you” to everyone who came by the comic strip yesterday and gave us feedback throughout the day to our twitter accounts, facebook, etc.  It was great to see friends and neighbors responding so positively to our collaborative endeavor.  We are so excited that the adventure has begun, and have so much in store for all of you!  This is an idea that I have been transmogrifying in my mind for years now, and am so glad I have Jeff’s writing talent to focus it into strip format.

A huge thank you goes out to two people in particular, who set up blog posts to coordinate with the Ouro Bros. release.  First, Andi Cumbo put together a great interview blog post, which can be found on her literary blog here:


And our good friend Ken Mueller wrote a great post on social media and how it brings creative folks together to collaborate on projects such as this one.  Here is Ken’s post on the Inkling Media site:


Thank you also to our friends, wives, and other folks who re-tweeted throughout the day and drove people to check out the comic for its “christening”.  Please keep checking back with us weekly, here at Ouro Bros. Central, for the continuing tour adventures of Stan and Balthazar!