Zorphbert, Fred, and the Ouro Bros.

Dawn Griffin, the creator of the webcomic Zorphbert and Fred, got married recently, and decided to take the month off from her comic.  She had a really cool idea for this little vacation, and that idea was posting a “Guest Art Registry” on the Z&F site where comickers and friends could sign up to do wedding-related guest strips that Dawn would schedule and publish on the Zorphbert and Fred site during her month vacation.

Well, Jeff and I put our names on this registry, and were honored to give Dawn and her new husband Rick a wedding tribute in the form of a comic strip.  That strip published today!  And some familiar characters just so happened to make their way into it too… 😉

So, I just wanted to write this blog-ette to congratulate Dawn and Rick on our site for their nuptials, and to let all of you faithful readers know that Jeff and I did a guest strip for Zorphbert and Fred.  Please take a moment to go check it out here and then read through the funny and very entertaining Zorphbert and Fred comic archives while you’re there!  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks to the both of you for your hard work on the guest piece and all the well-wishes! It’s been an awesome, fun whirlwind so far! But I DO need this break, whew!

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