This past week and in the coming week(s), Brock Heasley and Marc LaPierre over at SuperFogeys are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of a great webcomic about aged superheroes living in a retirement home. I have been reading this comic (starting at the beginning, then catching up with the archives until I got current with the story) for over a year now, and have really enjoyed watching where Brock has taken his story, seeing art progress, and then seeing the arrival of the great Marc LaPierre to fulfill art duties on the comic this past year (Brock did both writing and art for the first few years of the comic).

I had the chance to contribute to the 5th Anniversary of this excellent webcomic by drawing up some art. Brock put out a call to artists and writers alike to contribute to the anniversary celebration by doing chapter recaps of the 12 current chapters of SuperFogeys, as well as other written and drawn submissions. I drew up a poster-style visual recap of Chapter 4 of the SuperFogeys story (entitled “Dictator Tot’s Revenge”). You can check it out here: (link to Jeremy’s art submission!).

Thanks for reading this and for checking out another fantastic webcomic!