Jeremy: All this behind-the-scenes updating that we have been doing these past few weeks leads up to the final work you see above. This is one of 15 unique art pieces in the printed book, which also serves as a chapter title page! The theme throughout ties in with the title of the book On The Road, Off The Record, as we present Ouro parodies of iconic album covers, with set lists “written” by band members that lay out the strip titles in each chapter. We wanted to give you a preview of one such piece, and some of the process behind creating it, while we take a break from the story to focus on the book campaign. If you want to see the rest of these works, plus special chapter commentaries and notes, even an Ouro Bros story exclusive to the printed book, all you need to do is buy the book through our Kickstarter and it’s all yours!

And speaking of the printed book, every book sent out as a campaign reward will have a special campaign-exclusive stamp in the inside of the cover. Books produced in this first printing run sold AFTER the campaign ends will not have this campaign-exclusive inside cover stamp. You are truly getting a limited edition book when you pledge the campaign!

Jeff: Pretty exciting, no? I can’t wait! And speaking of stuff I can’t wait for, c’mon back next week for the triumphant return of brand new comics!