Jeff: My dear partner Jeremy injured his back last week, and has been unable to draw. Just on a lark, I asked my son to draw a substitute comic for this week, and he told me he’d surprise me. He said something about showing the creative process, which sounded pretty neat, so I gave him a blank template (okay, I added a bit of text, first), and let him to it and upload it to the site, sight (heh) unseen!

Hope everyone enjoys this quick break in the story!

Jeremy: You both will pay dearly for this outrage. Once I can sit for a prolonged period of time, I will draw pictures of terrible things happening to you.

To everyone else, I wanted to let you know that I recently received a lower lumbar sprain from the Work Injury Demons. I am recovering at a steady pace, but sitting for prolonged periods of time is still pretty painful, and that is how I most comfortably do all my art duties for the strip. I hope you like what Jeff has delivered to you from Chez Burkholder, and find it entertaining. It really does speak a lot of truth to our collaboration dynamic.