Jeff: Heya, folks. First off, let’s get this out of the way: Yes, I’m a massive, massive nerd. There, I said it. Now, about today’s strip, as soon as I saw this was going to be strip #47, I knew that I wanted to do something about this particular phenomenon (doot-doo!-da-doodoo) in this strip. Fortunately, Jeremy was willing to indulge me on this!

Jeremy: I agree with Jeff.  He is an epic-sized nerd. Get ready for that ‘uge nerd to announce the fun part.

Jeff: Now, here’s the fun part: We’d like to do another little contest here. For the person who comes up with the best* list of 47s in today’s strip, you can win a cameo appearance in an upcoming strip! People who have previously appeared in the strip are welcome to apply, but gotta say, the chances of you showing up again are completely based on our whims, now. 🙂 Anyway, send your lists to, or just throw it in the comments below!

* Note: The qualification of “best” is purely up to the whims and vagaries of Jeff and Jeremy and could depend on their level of caffeination and/or inebriation at any given moment. Many will apply; one will win, which if you think about it, is even nastier odds than Thunderdome. Offer not valid in New Jersey or Ken Mueller’s porch, unless we really like you. Monetary value: 1 Ruble. Wait, are rubles valid currency anymore? If they are, then it’s not worth any rubles. Perhaps bellybutton lint?

Jeremy: One final note. I had a really good time drawing the marathon runners’ faces. Game on.