Jeff: Meet Sidney — although, to be honest, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him. But in any case, isn’t he just fabulous, folks? I gotta say, when I sent the script to Jeremy for this one, I threw in a ton of references. (Wikipedia was definitely my friend the night I wrote this one.) The one thing we couldn’t quite squeeze in was a visual reference to that scene in Skyfall with the Komodo dragon getting loose and going after the bad guys. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of Silly String as a restraint…

Jeremy: Ah, so that’s how you rope a komodo dragon. Speaking of large island dwelling lizards, you may remember that last week, we mentioned our buddies with whom we shared our own little island at SPX. I wanted to take the time now to give some shout-outs to other great folks that we met and hung out with at that convention, that were not stuck behind our tables the whole show.

But before we get to that, like the dumb husbands we are, we forgot to mention our wonderful wives Jeannine and Jamie (Jamie’s my wife, Jeannine is Jeff’s wife) in last week’s “Table Buds” update. Jamie and Jeannine came with us to SPX that weekend to offer wifely support. They did wonderful things like help with the table, run food errands, and even come up with better ways to engage the folks that stopped by our table. Truly, our wives are the steam behind Ouro Bros, and we are foolish to not say so. We are fools. But, I guess that’s why we are in comics.

One particular friend and nomadic cookie courier was Lynn Andrews, who does the comic 6 Color Stories. Lynn made several batches of cookies, and then walked around the convention floor, handing them out to people. When complimented on her delicious treats, Lynn just so happened to have an excellent mini-comic with the cookie recipe in the back that she was able to offer for sale to those interested.

We had an excellent time hanging out later Saturday night after the convention (and laughing our friggin’ butts off) with Kathy Catlin and husband Josh (both of Alien Shores), our St. Louis, MO friends Gibson Twist & Rori (who both publish several excellent titles available at Live Nude Comics), Shannon Dybvig, and Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins. We also hung out with another lovely lass, but I don’t know how to spell her name correctly, so please forgive the omitting! One of many highlights of the evening was when Gibson and Jeff both discovered that they were Poutine Bros. Nothing cements a bond of new friendship like gravy. (And cheese curds! –Jeff)

We had the immense pleasure to share drinks and talk comics, games, and bygone Super Art Fight days with International Scallywag Darren “Dern” Gendron Friday night. Speaking of Super Art Fight, I flagged down Peet Sketches on the con floor after recognizing him and His Poor Wife chatting with our buddy Chris Williams. And then Jeff and I also had brief, but excellent conversations with Jeph Jacques, David Willis, and Danielle Corsetto, most of whom were very inspirational to us, in getting started on making this webcomic. There were so many other amazing people at SPX, but I wanted to be sure to at least give the preceding their most honorable mentions. Please forgive me if we talked and I failed to mention you in the blog. We look forward to continuing friendships with all our excellent comic buds!