Jeff: Jeremy’s still recuperating, so we talked to Joe Dunn of Digital Pimp Online and he graciously filled in on artistry duties for us! (For the continuity-conscious, this strip would fit in between dinner and the group coming back to their hotel room.)

Jeremy: I am so excited Joe was able to fit this in! I have been a fan of his comic work for years now, my favorite comic being Joe Loves Crappy Movies. As Jeff mentioned before, Joe also draws several other comics on Digital Pimp (and they’re all GREAT, so go read them!). It is so cool to now see Joe do his own take on our characters (as well as some other familiar “characters”).  He just flat out killed it with this one. I love it so much! Thank you, Joe!

In other news, I am recuperating nicely and next Thursday, we will return to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for sticking with us through my Times Of Trial these past 2 weeks, and please go tell Joe Dunn he is awesome!