Jeremy: You’d think that one large panel would be less time consuming to illustrate than 3-6 smaller panels. In this case, it was not. Oh, and it appears as though Elle has a mutant power: Superhuman hearing. 😉

Jeff: Jeremy, you are so funny. Let’s get married.

Really Jeff: Ahem. Anywherefore, eagle-eyed viewers may see some familiar faces in the crowd, here. (I think my favorite person in the crowd, though, is Dude with the “Stuff” Shirt!) And I promised Jeremy that I won’t write any more crowd scenes. For, like, a while.

Maybe a month. 😉

Jeremy: Oh yeah, so um… WE DID IT! The Kickstarter campaign for the Ouro Bros book turned out to be an unprecedented success for us, and we owe our gratitude to all our generous backers. We not only reached our initial goal of $1,000, but surpassed 3 Stretch Goals, bringing it to a grand total of $3,565! It is so exciting to be entering into the next phase of the process – making the books, the Elle comic book minis, the buttons, the bookmarks, and the reward-level specific prizes (broken drumsticks, signed prints, etc.). Those of you who backed the campaign made this possible, and we are so grateful for your involvement in our Kickstarter!

Within the next couple weeks, Kickstarter will have processed our funds and deposited the money into our account, which means we can go ahead with the orders for the books, minis, bookmarks, and buttons. After we receive the books, we will stamp them, sign them, and draw in them (where applicable to reward level). This will take some time, but we estimate sending out book-level rewards in the month of September, with the PDFs going out at the same time as the books. This experience has been amazing for us, and we are so thankful. We may just have to try it again sometime. Say, this new comic format might look pretty cool in a collected book, eh? 😉