Jeff: One of my most-hated TV tropes is when — just after a commercial break, or at the beginning of the next episode immediately following a cliff-hanger — some cabbage-head of a character has to recap everything that just happened to all of them because they apparently have the memory of a goldfish. Daily newspaper comic strips do this a lot, too, where every strip in a week-long series wastes its first panel by having a character recap exactly what has been happening, as if everyone else in the strip hadn’t been through it, too.

Of course, this situation is a little bit different, since while the characters just heard a spiel, we didn’t. The way I figure it? There’s probably a reason. And since I write this thing, I’d suggest going with that notion.

Jeremy: I couldn’t help but think about this comic while drawing the final panel. Which is fitting, because Girls With Slingshots is one of my favorite online comic strips. Written by Danielle Corsetto, who is truly a master at what she does. Which is making comic strips. Really well. Thanks also for reading Ouro Bros.