Jeremy: The art on this one was a combined effort with several of my comic buds on twitter. First of all, my good friend Chris Williams (you may remember him from his awesome 5-strip run as guest artist for Ouro Bros, starting here, as well as the creator of the wonderful journal comic Christopher on the webnets!) went on location in his town of dwelling (Frederick, MD) to get some exterior photos of The Cellar Door, the restaurant/venue featured as the setting of today’s comic strip. Anything inside the restaurant is a really loose interpretation, and the manager is a complete figment of our imaginations. We really just wanted a Frederick destination in which to set up an out-of-place show for a rock band, and The Cellar Door won. So, Chris was awesome enough to take some time on the way to work one day to get me some reference material. Thanks, Chris!

I also have to give HUGE thanks to awesome husband and wife super art duo Lee Cherolis and Samantha Kyle for being my artist’s models in panel 3. Lee is a kick-ass comic artist, whose twice-weekly efforts are visible at Little Guardians, the comic on which he collaborates with writer extraordinaire Ed Cho. Samantha, the lady Lee is lucky enough to be married to, does her own work on Lady Times, which is a really funny journal comic with a beautifully-rendered style. I knew Lee played ukulele, so I asked if he and Sam would mind taking some pics of each of them playing the household ukuleles, in various stages of posing and/or rocking out. They came through in fine style, and gave me the reference I needed. Thanks, Lee and Sam!

(added 12/10/12): And I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, as it was meant to be Part 3 of my comic buddies shout-out, but the image on Elle’s t-shirt comes from another comic bud, Joe Hunter. He created a character for a comic that he runs sometimes on his site, called Punchclock Hero. Joe gave me a copy of his Holiday Special mini for Punchclock Hero when we met in person at SPX, and I liked the mask so much, that I thought it would be cool to feature it as a t-shirt graphic for Elle. I think Elle might start being the band member who sports t-shirt graphics that call out to things that we like that friends have done. Sorry, Joe for the late mention!

Jeff: Happy (American) Thanksgiving, everybody!