Jeremy: When Jeff and I had our first sit-down to brainstorm what we wanted to do with our webcomic collaboration, we were trying to come up with names for the main characters (the “Bros” if you will).  At one point, I exclaimed “Applesauce and John!”  By the end of the session those names had been spoken aloud at least several times by myself and Jeff, as well as our wives, who were coming in and out of the Burkholders’ kitchen.  I think the general thinking for this particular strip (and Jeff can feel free to correct me or further enlighten you if he wishes) was partially to touch on the subject of misheard or misinterpreted band names.  This happens all the time to bands (misspellings on flyers, complete re-wordings, etc.).  And what better way to bring “Applesauce and John” into the strip… inside jokes converted for mass consumption!

On another note, I think I have settled into my “inking” line weight with the WACOM tablet on this strip.  It reproduces well at the current size, and doesn’t feel heavy or overbearing to me.  Now, I just need to get faster at using the tablet!

Jeff: This was really the first strip that “hooked” me, as far as Jeremy’s visual style was concerned. In the last panel, the fluidity of movement in Stan’s pose as Bal yanks him to the stage left me envious of his drawing skills. Totally green with envy. I’m talkin’ the color of Tubby’s shirt-green. Yeah, it’s not a pretty color.