Jeremy: This strip is probably the closest to real life as my tour stories filtered through Jeff’s brain have come thus far.  The real-life story goes something like this.  On my very last tour with Movies With Heroes, we were in Europe for a month, along for the ride with a headliner.  The label had hired a van and driver for the tour.  The driver’s name was Paul, and he was German.  Some of the most memorable times for me on that tour were of us getting Paul to translate slang words from English into German, which I am sure he did with many an inner eye roll, but he was a pretty good sport and put up with our American immaturities.  We got to talking about our tattoos at some point, and the discussion turned to symmetrical lower back tattoos most commonly found on females dubbed “Tramp Stamps.” That was when Paul told us what he called them (see the title of the strip), and that it meant “Ass Antlers”.   We got such a huge kick out of the “Arschgeweih” moment in particular, that it was talked about long after the tour was over.   During the course of getting the Ouro Bros going, I knew at some point that I had to try to get Jeff to work that into a strip somehow.  This strip bears the fruit of that story in particular.

Jeff: You see the guffawing Elle in panel 3? Jeremy did a fantastic job of drawing her. But take a good look at her again.

She scares me.

Jeremy: Wuss