Jeremy: Looks like Elle is back.  Perchance we shall see more of this lass?  Methinks perchance we shall.

On an artist’s note, I like doing scenes where the lighting is stark and higher contrast.  Night scenes are fun to shade.  Maybe we can take the Bros to the Far North next, in a season where night lasts months at a time… and where vampires THRIVE… Whoops, wrong story.

Jeffbot: :Bleep: I am Jeffbot 2000. I concur. Jeremy, you are so smart and witty. Your art is the best in the :Blorp: known universe. I award you with my everlasting loyalty. Please continue to amaze us with your fantastic :Zoinplarg: abilities. Jeffbot out.

The Real Jeff: (Disconnects the 6V lantern battery powering Jeffbot 2000, and shoves the parts into a closet.) There; enough of that. Anyway, yeah, um, I like the night scenes, but I think it’s gonna be a good long while before we see a vampire in our strip. Oh, and sparkly, shimmery ones? Not. A. Chance.

Jeremy: AAWWWWW! I liked Jeffbot.  I feel like he was the only one that truly :sniff: understood me 🙁