Jeff: Jeremy asked me if I could get him a script early this week, ’cause he had some stuff going on and wanted to get the art done sooner, rather than later. Actually, he asked me a day after last week’s script if I had an idea for this week’s. Fortunately for both of us, right when he asked, an idea formed in my head, and this is what came out. It’s funny; some days, I have to really dig deep and go through a number of iterations to pull out a decent punchline, poignant moment or nifty idea. Other weeks, the muses just kinda sucker-punch me with a nearly-complete script. Much as I don’t care for the physical sucker-punches, the mental ones are pretty nice.

Jeremy: Woo hoo! Special graphic novel-esque panel layout for this week’s strip!  One of the more fun aspects of this comic was drawing the panels initially, and coming up with a pleasing flow and shape for the layout. Needless to say, this one took me a bit longer than the average 3-Square format, but it was really fun to do.  It was also pretty cool to get slightly abstract with the background.  Expect more offerings of strips like today’s in the future, peppered lightly between our standard square panel style.

Going pants-less in the van.  Sometimes, folks, it’s necessary.  Combine some of the hottest weather with no A/C and you are bound to drive past a traveling band or two with seemingly no clothes on.  Of course, you may see a van full of dudes in mid-summer desert heat wearing all black, long sleeves, and all sorts of accessories (or baby blue v-neck sweaters… ahem).  Those poor, simple fools who suffer for fashion (or their own idea of fashion).  Save it for the stage, dudes.   Otherwise, who cares if you’re sportin’ only a pair of gym shorts on a long, hot ride?  You think KISS travels from show to show wearing full makeup and costumes (of course, they travel in much more luxurious conditions, but that’s besides the point)?