Jeff: Lancaster Countians knew we couldn’t have the Bros leave the area without at least one of these experiences. It’s iconic, I tells ya.

Jeremy: And this, folks, is the end of the Ouro Bros. in Lancaster, PA. For now. Who knows if the Chameleon Club, or other fans will want them back in the future, eh?

Thanks for sticking with the storyline through this whole chapter in Lancaster. We saw this as a way to bring the characters to the county in which we live and work, and give them a good jumping off point to really continue their Neverending Tour. We wanted to take the time for you all to get to know the Bros better, and having some character development in our hometown was a good way for the two of us to get to know Stan and Bal a little more too. And Elle.

But now, it’s time to spend some quality “bro” time with Stan and Balthazar. Get ready for some zany one-off antics coming up!