Jeff: Yet another good shot of downtown Lancaster, PA, here. And I asked Jeremy in my script for this one to give it a really good Hanna-Barbera/Scooby Doo feel. And honestly? I feel a “Zoinks!” coming on just looking at it. 🙂

Jeremy: I think my favorite part of doing this strip was Bal’s skid-stop.  I was picturing Tom Cruise sliding into the living room, lip-syncing Bob Seger in his underwear, button-down shirt, and tube socks (of course, this is a regular feature in my mind).

What you are looking at in the background of this strip are two of the coolest places (that happen to be side-by-side) in Lancaster.  One is my friend Mike’s record store Mr. Suit Records, where you can find just about anything you’re looking for in new and used vinyl (and if you can’t, I’m sure he can locate it for you).  The other is the place where the wonderful artist Steve Lowery emblazoned my right arm with Elfquest ink (picture below):

Jeremy's Elfquest tattoo sleeve

Jeremy’s Elfquest Tattoo Sleeve – Click to Embiggen

Yeah, Steve rules.