Jeff: I figured it was time to address the fact that, here’s Chester, joining the Bros on the road, not a single piece of sheet music evidenced anywhere, and he’s rocking out like The Starlighters do with Marty McFly on “Johnny B. Goode”! Sorry, but that sorta thing only happens in the movies. I figured it made sense, with as much of a renaissance man Chester seems to be, that he has a noggin for musical theory, so he’s not only keenly aware of how western music is constructed, but also is able to extrapolate from there how the Ouros’ music works by doing the exact opposite.

…OK, that sorta thing only happens in the movies and comic strips. Yeah.

Jeremy: It’s actually pretty funny that Jeff wrote that in as a character trait for Chester, because the idea of Chester is largely based off of a guitarist friend of mine, who has a really keen mind for music theory. Jeff might not have known of this connection, but it only fits with Chester’s innate understanding of how things work, and the building blocks that make up those creations. These boys certainly seem to have hit the jackpot in finding this new member.