Jeff: Yes, believe it or not, we are nearing the end of the Lancaster storyline, here. The good news is that there’s still time to discover a new character trait about our dear Stan Ouro: Crippling camera-shyness. Well, it’s probably the camera and not the cyclops thing. Although I might be a bit creeped out by a slam-dancing pirate… I’d be pretty wary of him if any of his extremities have been replaced with rusty metal and or pegs.

Jeremy: This particular comic doubles as a shout-out to my buddy Allen Clements of Postage VFX. Years ago, when he moved to Lancaster, PA, we became friends and came up with this crazy idea about… breeding pine trees. Actually, we wanted to create a documentary about Lancaster, PA’s Chameleon Club, where a portion of this O.B. storyline takes place. Unfortunately, my involvement did not move very far past filming a few interviews and some research, as right around that time my band was getting ready to embark on a month-long tour in Europe, and things just got overall pretty crazy in my camp. But Allen kept up with it over the years and enlisted the help of some excellent people to complete it. It will be hitting the film festival circuit pretty soon (check out this link for more details).