Jeremy: So, as most of you already know, we are about a month ahead with our comic strips, as we keep a buffer. With that said, about a month ago, I took a little vacation from the comic to take care of my family surrounding the time of Greta Rose Bentley’s birth (she was born August 13, 2012). Chris Williams gladly stepped up to volunteer his artistic talent to the Ouro Bros for that month (well, he has worked on the strips that would normally have been assigned to me during the month of August), so that I could have some time to adjust to being the father of a brand new baby, in addition to the fatherly duties I had become accustomed to being 5yo Nora’s dad. Oh yeah, and take care of my wife, too! 😉 This just keeps getting more confusing the more I write, doesn’t it?

Anyway… I would like to introduce you all to our artist for the next 5 weeks – Chris Williams! Chris, why don’t you tell everyone about yourself (and feel free to plug anything of your own that you would like, thanks!)

Chris: Heyyyy! I’m writing on someone else’s comic page thing! It’s neat and weird. NEIRD! So yeah, I’m Chris, of, which is a journal comic about my life as a (relatively) new father! I suppose I met Jeremy here a WHILE back thanks to the wonders of the twitterverse, and well now he’s preeetty much one of the best friends a guy could have. Cut to a bunch of months later after our initial introducing and Jeremy approached me with doing a guest spot for him when his daughter is born, and I jumped on the chance. I mean, how can you resist a guy like Jeremy’s charm anyway? Anyway, I’m excited to be doing this for him, and mega thanks to both Jeremy and Jeff for giving me the chance to do this!

Jeff: So, whaddaya folks think? This should be a fun little rest stop on the neverending tour, huh?!

Jeremy: And I would just like to jump in here and note that Chris Williams is spreading the art LOVE this week (BIG time), as he is guesting all this week at Ed Cho and Lee Cherolis’ comic Little Guardians, too! Check it out!