Jeremy: So, Stan is finally on the wagon with this Texas trip. Hey, somebody’s gotta be the skeptical one, right? Otherwise this band would fall into all sorts of problematic scenarios, right? I mean, this tour should be a cakewalk from here on out, right?

I hope you all don’t mind, but I have been trying my hand at different background treatments for this “Groupies convince band to go to Texas storyline”. It’s in an attempt to bring the focus characters more into the foreground. At some point, I may even get close to mastering this with completely detailed background drawings, too, but for right now, I am playing around with different looks. Please bear with me!

Jeff: Of course we’ll bear with you. And lion and tiger with you, too. Oh, my! But yeah, looks like the Bros are going to the State of the Lonely Star…or some such marketing slogan. Anyone have any ideas of what they’d want the band to do in Texas?