Jeremy: If Chester’s “RuKorder” actually works, I think the Bros have stumbled upon a sort of genius mad scientist inventor here. What else can this young man do with the power of his brain and things lying around that club, or anywhere else for that matter? Can any of you come up with some unconventional mash-up ideas for inventions that you would like to see on the market? How about a HE-MAN action figure that doubles as a cell phone? A Matchbox car that brings your slippers to you? Or a Barbie doll that doubles as an unrealistic goal for the female human body?

Jeff: Personally, I’d love to see one of those Simon games turned into a sort of nu-Retro telegraph, where you could send messages encoded into the four different colors to other Simons. Not only would they be versatile, but they’d be pretty darn near indestructible. Because, after all, Simons Are Forever.