Jeremy: Uh… oh. Looks like plot is thickening a little bit here in Ouro Bros. land.  This is even the first comic that doesn’t feature one of the Ouro brothers!  What the mystery is going on?

Jeff knew I liked doing stark contrast in shading, so what did he do? Give me a comic that I not only had that level of shading, but then threw the switch that activated totally obscuring black shadowing!  This is my first foray into shading with solid black, and I think I like it very much.  Jeff better be careful with his writing, or this is going to start looking like a Frank Miller comic.

Jeff: And in semi-related matters, for those of you who care, this would mark the end of what we’re calling “Volume I: From Genesis to the Next Part”. What’s in store for Volume II, you may ask? Massive explosions! Spectacular guest stars! Shocking betrayals! Brussels sprouts! Full-on nudity! And more!

…or less. Well, one of those things, probably. At least in all likelihood. Possibly.