Jeremy: It’s a second week of pop culture references here at Ouro Bros central! Now that we are safely outside of the Lancaster, PA storyline, we thought it would be fun to be able to continue to offer some more fun one-offs before we delve into the next planned story. I think after each multi-strip story-building set, you will find that we will present comics that stand alone, and could be any day on the tour, just to be able to give you all more insight into some general day-to-day happenings for the Bros. Even though this webcomic is generally long-form in nature, it’s good to break it up a little with these kind of snapshots, however pertinent (or non-pertinent… impertinent?) to the overall story arc they may be.

Jeff: Once again, I’m wowed by Jeremy’s mad skillz in illustration. Pretty awesome Arnie, there, buddy!