Jeff: And the Groupies return! For those of you who don’t remember them, they popped up when the Ouro Bros played the Chameleon Club last summer in this strip. We’ve been meaning to bring them back for another appearance (and possibly more?), and this seemed the perfect time to do so. Of course, upon seeing them again, Stan and Bal seem focused on only one thing. Sheesh, men, amirite?

Jeremy: It had been so long that I drew females in the strip that I had this anxiety leading up to drawing panel 2 that it was going to be a difficult journey. Turns out, with the help of my trusty wife to give me the reference poses I needed, that I pulled panel 2 together very quickly and without fuss. What’s funny is that I struggled the most with drawing the guys. I drew panel 1 and 3 so many times, that I practically went through an entire eraser. Sometimes I just can’t get what I am looking for.

One particular issue I had with panel 1 was getting the perspective correct. I drew Stan and Chester first, rather than establishing the overall environment. I really liked the way the sketches of these two gents turned out, but the major problem was that I just couldn’t draw the background environment perspective correctly. Nothing I did looked right with the dudes. In my frustration, I reached out to the most excellent Brandon Carr via twitter, and asked him if he could help me figure it out. Brandon came through in fine style, and even gave me a neat little tutorial via email that he came up with to assist in my issues (teach a man to fish kinda thing). So, a HUGE thanks goes out to Brandon Carr, who is a killer comic artist, and a great guy to talk to. I hope that we actually hang someday in real life 😉