Jeremy: Seems like you can’t swing a dead cat (or invisible dog) without hitting a social media enthusiast these days… 😉

So here we are, a few strips deep into our first official mini-storyline.  You’ve all had a taste of some stand-alone tour antics to get things going, but I hope you are enjoying reading a series of strips that have a continuing thread to tie them all together.  I think Jeff has been doing a great job writing these, so each one still feels like its own individual strip, as well as continuing the storyline.

Some of these have been a bit of a challenge, drawing-wise.  Never really drew much architecture before this comic strip started, so you all get to watch me stumble through it and hopefully get better as time goes on.  I know, it’s not like I drew a whole city or anything here, but still.  Anyway, thanks for coming back each week to find out what’s going on with the Ouro Brothers.  We’ll keep churning them out for you!

Jeff: I’ve always been a fan of comic strips that manage to do a continuing storyline while still maintaining a gag-a-day (or -a-week, as the case may be) mentality. Sometimes, this causes strips to veer off into Seriousville (I’m looking at you, “Funky Winkerbean”!), never to return. But other times, it results in something that entertains on a much deeper, grander basis. It gives you the funny, but also gives you a reason to keep coming back for more.

I’m shootin’ for the second one, in case you weren’t sure.