Jeff: Precisely one day after I wrote this script, I was sitting in the exact same spot as Mr. Stathaniel Ouro, there. In the real Square One Coffee, that is. Not superimposed over some pixels in cyberspace… And this is yet another long-standing joke that Jeremy and I came up with early on in the conception phase of The Ouro Bros, and have finally gotten to say out loud.

Oh, and Stan sits like a girl.

Jeremy: This Lancaster storyline is finally really allowing us to uncover some of the history we created for our characters from the start.  It’s nice to be able to reveal these little factoids, now that we are beginning to get under their skin a little more.

And yes, Stan does sit like a girl, doesn’t he?  It’s funny Jeff mentioned that, as I have recently been noticing that I put the characters in some pretty feminine poses, male and female alike.  Maybe it comes from my own relatively feminine body language.  Just ask my wife how I rest my hands, especially.