Jeremy: I am so sorry to announce that after 4.5 years of keeping Ouro Bros updates every Thursday, that I need to take some time off from my drawing duties for the comic. This Spring-Fall has been crazy with the major life changes that have happened in the Bentley household related to selling our old house, moving into temporary housing with Jamie’s parents, and then moving again when we settled on our new house. The good news is, we are getting nicely settled into our new place, and we love it! However, trying to fit the comic in without missing a Thursday update throughout it all took a major toll on me. Honestly, I am surprised I didn’t miss an update due to house stuff until now.

It comes down to this. I have been really excited about where our story is headed, but really stressed out with keeping to the schedule, to the point that while loving our story, I am really finding drawing the comic to be a trial. It shouldn’t be that way. I should be just as excited about creating it visually as I am with what is being written. That is why I need some time off, so I can return to the comic with renewed vigor and energy. That is also why we need a triumphant video, but not until we first get Eddie Van Halen.

So, the comic will be on hiatus for a few months, not updating regularly on Thursdays. We may post some content here and there in the interim over the next few months (and will let you know about it via social media). We might also get a little bit of other background comic stuff taken care of as well, like website improvement, buffer-creating, etc.

Thank you so much for reading Ouro Bros all this time, and definitely stick around. This may be a hiatus, but this story is far from over!

Jeff: That’s right, Jeremy. We’ve got the next few years of story largely mapped out, so be assured that this is far from the end! That being said, since we’re going to be laying low for a little while, if any of you are at all graphically-inclined and would like to bestow upon us your own renditions of Stan, Bal, Elle, Chester, or anyone else OB-related, please send your guest strips to us at! We’d love to continue posting material in this space during our hiatus, but that’s really up to you!

Jeremy: As an addendum to what Jeff said, even if you have a single Ouro-related art piece you would like to create and send us (i.e. rather than a whole strip), we would love to post that as well! Like he said, just email it to us at Thanks!