Jeremy: This is actually the 4th strip that I drew when creating the pre-release buffer for the comic.  You may notice a difference in line weight between this one and Strip #1.  I think I settled into a good line weight for inking with this strip, which I will most likely continue to use for strips after this one (i.e. from strip #5 onward).  Do you like my purty clouds?  First time ever trying to draw clouds in Photoshop.  I think the visible cloud above the van and to the left in Panel 2 looks like a Tyrannosaurus head on a fish body.  I call him Tyrannofishy.

Jeff: Oooh, Tyrannofishy? We could totally do a comic starring Tyrannofishy! And we could use the same 6 panels for every strip, where T-fish would talk to his friends…Doggy-mimus and…erm…Utahraptor… I think maybe somebody’s already done this one.