Jeremy: … Dirty, wet, bug-infested sleeping conditions. Sometimes you crash somewhere really nice and clean, with some kind of climate controlled atmosphere (the most ideal, yet rarest of situations).  Most other times you have to prepare for the worst slumber atmosphere.  One of the best ways to ready yourself for all sorts of horrible situations is a good sleeping bag – one that is longer than you are tall, and one in which you can pretty much mummify yourself.

And just because you may be staying in a hotel room or hostel somewhere that provides bed linens, doesn’t mean that those bed linens aren’t infested with bed bugs or other forms of life.  Unless you have some kind of infra-red vision, ultraviolet scanner, or other high-tech piece of Ghostbusters gear to help you determine the safety and cleanliness of your sleeping arrangements, a good sleeping bag will never do you wrong.  Especially if you keep your sleeping bag clean.  Just sayin’.