Jeremy: Speaking of being asleep in the van, my band had a guitarist who could sleep in any situation whatsoever.  He would fall asleep practically the minute we started driving, and stay asleep until the moment we arrived at the next show.  Then he would sleep in a chair/sofa/etc. at the venue until it was our turn to play.  And then he would get a full night’s sleep to boot.  It was really an amazing talent that I wish that I had, but I could never really fall asleep sitting up.  The man was the master of sleep.

Every time I look at Balthazar’s face poking out from the side in that last panel, I chuckle.  In order to pull off that angle realistically, he would have had to have been lying down on a high table.  Either that, or we at least should see some of his shoulder in that panel.  But it was just so much funnier to have his head craning out from the side, like some kind of Mr. Fantastic rubber-necked cartoon character.  Hey, it’s a cartoon-y strip, so if it looks funny more than it looks realistic, I have done a better job at my craft.

Jeff: I’m also fond of Stan’s near-Machiavellian smile of triumph in the last panel. Makes me glad I’m writing him as one of the good guys… 😉