Jeremy: So, these two characters are actually based on people we know. I will let Jeff do the introductions for the barista, but the stuttering gentleman on the right is inspired by a guy we know named Chad Diller. He actually went to NYC and was on the Howard Stern show in a competition where people impersonated members of the show’s staff and/or regular guests. His impersonation was of John The Stutterer, hence the reference in the comic. Chad was also one half of the podcast interview team at The Lancast when we went on to talk about the comic (the other interviewer was David Moulton, of whom you saw our rendition a few strips ago. Also, here is a link to a Lancast podcast with Chad talking about his Stern appearance). Chad is a humorous fellow, who I enjoy following on twitter (@ChadDiller), and it was my great pleasure to comic-ize him for this storyline.

Jeff: And the snarky barista? None other than my better half and frequent editor, Jeannine, aka “The Eponymous Neaner” – as she is often referenced over at Zoidland. Due to the massive resemblance between Jeremy and Balthazar Ouro, there was talk from the very beginning about putting another character in the strip who resembles myself. And, naturally, after that was said, our respective wives also demanded to be inserted. (Um… I totally could have phrased that better.) Well, Nean’s the first one up with her appearance as an employee of Square One Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in the Lancaster area.

As for versions of Jamie (Jeremy’s wife) and myself? You’ll just hafta wait and see, folks. Wait and see. 🙂